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Recognition Is a Key Component of the Company Culture at Views Events.

The President at Views Events has proclaimed that recognition is a key part of the marketing firm’s company culture.

In a National Employee Research Survey, over 90% of respondents stated that recognition was important to them. Crucially, 72% of those surveyed stated that they would try harder at work if they were shown appreciation. Marketing experts at Views Events are proud to have cultivated a recognition culture. The CEO believes that recognition is one of the biggest motivators, and the business owner is passionate about recognizing the firm’s workforce for their hard work and efforts.

The President acknowledges the link between recognition and effective management and the correlation between that and business success. Views Events have cultivated a reward-based culture. Atlanta-based Views Events argue that implementing a culture of recognition benefits the company and its workforce.

  1. Talent Retention

“Retaining your top talent is integral to business growth. Without a recognition culture, I firmly believe that talent retention would be significantly harder.” Commented the CEO of Views Events. Your team will feel valued and respected when they recognize they have made a positive impact on the business and the team. And as a result, they’re less likely to seek other job opportunities outside the organization. According to a survey conducted by SurveyMonkey and Bonusly, 63% of survey respondents who were "always" or "usually" recognized said they were "very unlikely" to look for a job in the next three to six months. By contrast, only 11% of those who are “never” or “rarely” recognized would say the same.

  1. Productivity

A workforce that is incentivized and recognized works harder. 72% of those surveyed in the National Employee Research Survey indicated that they would try harder at work if they were shown appreciation. “We have noticed a link between recognition and productivity. When someone knows that their efforts won’t be ignored, they inevitably try harder, which in turn, boosts productivity.”

  1. Well-being

The President contends that happy people do better work. The young firm is always looking for more ways to support its workforce, both personally and professionally. At Views Events, recognition comes in a number of forms. From development opportunities, unique perks, and travel (such as awarding trips to locations around the world) to offering benefits that promote personal well-being. The marketing specialists aim to offer a company culture that is both supportive and enables success.


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