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Views Events: What makes a great company culture?

Views Events possesses many components that make a great company culture; below are some components we pride ourselves on fulfilling. Company culture refers to values, beliefs, how employees interact with each other and their overall behavior. It also includes how management and employees interact with outside sources. It is important to build a good rapport with customers and third-party vendors. We find that having a good company culture supports better teamwork, higher productivity and a higher sense of fulfilment which are catalysts for improved performance. 88% of employees believe having a strong company culture is the key to business success. When potential employees are looking for a job, 86% will avoid companies with a bad reputation. This shows just how crucial retaining a good culture is for businesses. It takes collaborative, consistent effort from leaders and team members working towards building a culture that is genuine, valued and meaningful.

At Views Events, we look for people based on whether they’ll fit into our company culture. We believe this is more important than looking for potential candidates based on their experience. We provide newcomers with intensive training, so look for people also based on their willingness to learn. The CEO of Views Events says "nothing beats someone who won't give up when faced with challenges. We are seeking candidates who fit in with the company culture so that we can grow together as a business and as individuals."

Having shared visions is important as it gives the workforce something to work towards in unity. Management and employees can support and help each other strike for their goals as, at the end of the day, everyone wants the same thing, which is for everyone to succeed. At Views Events, we all have a vision and share the same core values, possessing the willingness and ability to embrace our values. Some of the firm’s core values are honesty and integrity; treating people and clients with honesty and respect is paramount. Personal profit, a sale or a promotion can never supersede that and putting our team first, asking ourselves if the decisions we make will improve the opportunity and culture of our team. Our team is comprised of diverse individuals from all around the world with unique backgrounds and experiences who add creativity and life to everything we do.

We believe in recognition for hard work and efforts, no matter how small, on a day-to-day. The smallest of things feed into the bigger picture. Building up our team’s confidence. We pride ourselves in a no-seniority growth model with an open-door policy and do all our promotions 100% from within the company. This helps keep our teams motivated and ensures our clients get nothing but the very best. It is rewarding to see anyone in our team hitting benchmarks and achieving their goals. The pride someone takes in their work inspires us all to work harder and do better. When a company has a strong culture, employees are given the opportunity to grow within their roles and encouraged to do so. The organisation overall reaches and surpasses its goals when employees are challenged to be better within a comfortable environment.

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